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    Job description for Finance Manager is as follows :

    • Responsible for making monthly financial statements
    • Responsible for managing Company's Cash Flow
    • Make and Analyze Financial Statements such as P&L and Balance Sheet before giving recommendations to Director and General Manager
    • Budget management: Make and monitor Company’s Annual Budget
    • Responsible for the implementation of Corporate Taxation
    • Responsible for the implementation of Inspections from Internal and External Audit
    • Responsible for ageing AR and AP of all accounts combined
    • Assist in strategy development and operational processes of collections and payments
    • Manage financial risks of company, including working capital, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding sources
    • Review the day-to-day and monthly financial activities
    • Dealing with Banks for financial reports and transactions, monitor funding and use of bank loans.

    Requirements :

    • 30-40 years old
    • Minimum 5 years of working experience in finance industry\
    • Minimum S1 or higher
    • Extensive tax background is additional bonus
    • Health screening check has to be done by our company in advance before we admit you full time.


    Email your CV & Resume to :

    Or apply via JobsDB :