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    Men - Sneakers

    Need to make that coffee run? Working remotely in a co-working space? Out having lunch with friends? Find your perfect fit in our selection of leather sneakers. Sneakers are extremely versatile footwear you can pair with almost every kind of clothes. While other shoe types flow in and out of fashion, sneaker styles have evolved and are here to stay. Whether it’s classic lace-ups or simple slip-ons sneaks, our curated men’s sneakers are designed for easy wearing and casual youthful look.

    Willson WillsonOn Sale
    1.329.300,00 1.899.000,00
    Benzo BenzoOn Sale
    1.763.370,00 2.799.000,00
    Brodie BrodieOn Sale
    1.763.370,00 2.799.000,00
    Bricks BricksOn Sale
    1.763.370,00 2.799.000,00
    Birko BirkoOn Sale
    1.763.370,00 2.799.000,00
    Gent GentOn Sale
    509.700,00 1.699.000,00
    Fortunio FortunioOn Sale
    509.700,00 1.699.000,00
    Yale YaleOn Sale
    1.322.370,00 1.899.000,00