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    Over the past decade, we deeply appreciate the continuous support and trust from existing and new clients. Our clients are from various industries (aviation, banking, commodities, cosmetics, jewelry, hospitals, hotels/spas, to name a few), and we are very thankful for word of mouth referral to clients who made us where we are today.
    Andre Valentino is the chosen footwear provider for complementing our clients' outfits/uniforms. We pride ourselves on being able to meet our users' design and comfort standards according to budget range.
    Our experienced Corporate Sales team always conducts before, during and after-sales follow up such as fitting and repair services, which is integral to establishing communication and trust with our clients.
    We recognize the importance of achieving a consistent look and feel with our stylish shoes. We believe in making sure your employees are doing their best at their workplace, in our shoes.
    Let us know if you plan to use our footwear for your industry needs at uckie.2603@andrevalentino.com
    +62 878 8681 0321.
    Thank you,
    Andre Valentino Team