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    Women - Wedges

    Giving a height boost while also being a more comfortable option, who doesn’t love wedges? These are your go-to’s without lacking style and stability. Pair slip-on wedges with light dresses, jeans, t-shirts, or shorts: it’s every lady’s favorite essentials for a fresh summer look. For a more formal approach, go for wedges with closed toe. From casual to business, we've got a pair fo you.
    Amber AmberOn Sale
    1.084.300,00 1.549.000,00
    Aurora AuroraOn Sale
    599.000,00 1.198.000,00
    Belva BelvaOn Sale
    499.000,00 998.000,00
    Berti BertiOn Sale
    499.000,00 998.000,00
    Birdie BirdieOn Sale
    499.000,00 998.000,00